Google Chrome ready for business in January?

Google is reported to be preparing to take its Chrome browser out of beta, with a likely launch date of the “ready” browser some time in January. …

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Hitler plays Bill Gates

An extremely lame but funny parody of the movie Der Untergang.

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Techie women wanted by Microsoft |

Microsoft wants more female developers and engineers and the company’s new HR head has set her stall on redressing a miss-balance.

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Microsoft slashes price of Windows Home Server by 30%

Microsoft has slashed the price of its Windows Home Server software for the system builder channel by 30%.

“After a successful year in the market, Microsoft is reducing the price of the System Builder version of Windows Home Server,” said the Windows Home Server blog.

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Microsoft still doesn’t get it

Blinkered by its profit-driven viewpoint, Microsoft can only see open source as a *business model*, when that is merely a by-product of the distinguishing feature of free software, which is its unique ethos. Free software is about sharing and collaborating.

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Google’s First Open Source Product

There is plenty of hype round the Googlephone but maybe the most important fact about the G1 is that for the first time Google has shipped a major product that is open source.

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Adobe Creative Suite 4 in-depth beta preview

Digital Arts magazine takes a long hard look at beta versions of the new tools within Adobe’s Creative Suite 4, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. See how the new features in each tool measure up in real-world projects (not just in Adobe’s provided ones).

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